Packing Thoughts

As our moving date is drawing really nigh, I even started packing my clothes. And realised that my wardrobe is pretty much a mess. It is now my declared objective to completely update it by modifying, using for something different or simply throwing away the things that I don’t wear that often or don’t wear at all.
I really want the “perfect” closet.

This sounds kind of weird, I know. But if you leave the “sounds like a quite complicated problem and a weirdo” thing out, the concept is pretty simple:

Only wear what you love.

You won’t even be able to do not so because your whole closet only contains those clothes you love most.
I just want to feel good, no matter how much time I spent on my outfit. I don’t want to have a bad day just because I had to ponder in front of my closet for hours only to dress up in something that is not absolutely perfect.

It still sounds like nonsense, but I didn’t sleep too much during the last nights and had a little to much of lacquer, spray-on glue and paint vapours in my room, so you might excuse me.

My plan contains amongst others these tasks:

  • Re-dye my black double-breasted dress and sew in the gathering straps
  • Re-dye my black lace blouse and change the old, worn down lace for great, new crocheted lace
  • Fitting my men’s shirts to my own shape
  • Finally alter the old black coat for Steampunk
  • Sew a new bodice for the fragile vintage hippie blouse
  • Find a nice end for that certain jumper

I’ll do the dying this weekend as I want to wear the dress at the 3. of December (I’ll need an additional velvet skirt).
Only 12 more days until I can call the chambers on the banks my own!

I’ll finally get some rest now, without the urge of the alarm bell before 6 AM, so good night!


Any thoughts?

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