All my Bags are Packed

Well, it is more of boxes. And they are not packed yet, at least not all of them. But the day of moving is approaching faster and faster, and I am really nervous now. Only 6 days to go!

I already packed my old suitcases and some cardboard boxes, full of drawings, books, dinnerware and art supply (and some clothing, too) and started carving the pieces of my bed’s frame.

Goth, I am just so excited! The Satyr seems to keep it quite cool, a thing that I simply can’t understand.

There’s s much to do and so little time at the moment, but when I don’t have to commute any longer, I’ll have time for all my projects! *phew* I also have got to start making yuletide presents, but I couldn’t find something for everyone yet…

Awww, next week at this time I will be there, in the little white house at the banks.


Any thoughts?

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