First Christmas Shopping and Last Moving Preparations

I was this pleased by my poupeé girl outfit today that I wanted to share it. ^^

University was a little bit depressing today – our tutor (we only have to attend the Old Irish tutorial on Thursdays) arrived at the tower at 9 AM instead of 8 AM and we didn’t know that before. Which means that I had to travel about three hours for 45 minutes. Not that nice, but I’m taking comfort in the fact that this was the last time that I had to go all the way of 100 km for one lesson. ^^

After I was back here in Frankfurt I had the chance to get the first Yultide present at the Christmas market: liquid honey soap for my mother, the same kind that I gave to her one or two years ago. She loves nice soaps, but not in bars as they make a mess, if you ask her. I’ll sew a bag for her, too. Oh, and I got on with my DIY-presents-for-everyone-list.
This is it:

  • Japanese knot bag for my mother. She always says that she couldn’t have enough solid, large yet pretty bags.
  • Rose hip syrup for my grandmother and my father.
  • A wits pouch for my grandfather with chestnuts, raw wool, perfumed oils and other things he can explore with his sense of touch.
  • New university bag for Bambi as his old laptop bag is not only ugly, but also falling apart. With an integrated velveteen pocket for the notebook and a deer or roebuck (the literary Bambi is a roebuck, Disney’s a deer. A deer’s antlers are way more impressive and interesting to design. Hard decision).
  • Stuffed troll toy for Bambi’s sister who is studying in Norway at the moment. Is already sewn but needs clothing and a proper face.
  • Miniature felt Scottish terrier for the Scottish wereterrier (plus some tea).
  • “Real men haven’t got hip joints”-T-shirt for the Goblin as a quote from a film we watched together.

Well, Lilibeth, Jules and the Satyr will get their gifts, too, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise if one of them is reading this list, so I won’t say anything about them. ^^

I also bought two spools of white-and-red striped wrapping paper – a little break with my brown-packing-paper-with-stamped-on-names-only habit. And I got me the first hot chestnuts of the season on the Christmas market!
Forget fast food and sweets, forget sugar canes and giant doughnuts, forget marshmallows and candy apples.
Hot chestnuts are better.

But now I’ll end my entry for the packing of just more stuff’s sake. I hope I’ll be able to post again before next Tuesday.

Till then!


Any thoughts?

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