Preparing for… Christmas!

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It’s nearly December now. Which means that Christmas, Yultide, Midwinter Festivities or Hogswatch are drawing near, the jolly season of the year when all the world should echo of songs of winter, snow and happiness, when the air should be filled with the scent of fresh biscuits, ivy and with real mistletoes to kiss beneath – well, if one has one to kiss at all.

But hark! There are some dates before December 25th to celebrate:

  • Saint Nicholas’ Day on December 6th (German). Put your boots outside the door and hope he’ll fill them with sweets and citrus fruits!
  • Saint Lucia’s (or Lucy’s) Day on December 13th (Swedish). Eat lussekatter (a kind of saffron buns), wear a Shiro Lolita dress (or just something white) with a red sash around your waist and something sparkly in your hair (nobody wants you to catch fire through wearing a wreath with candles all day long!) or dress up as Tomte (a household spirit), a gingerbread man or a star boy. I guess you could also go to your next IKEA, they’ll surely have some Lucia items.

But now: Off to christmas! It’s pretty a large holiday to celebrate, so I will make several post on the topic through the next days to keep it well-arranged. There will be posts on literature, music and pictures, gifts, baking and decorating.

I’m so excited!

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly!


Any thoughts?

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