Thank you for exactly 1500 views on this blog (today at 1 PM)!

I’m sitting at the University Café at the moment, using Bambi’s notebook to surf and still have 44 minutes left until I’ll have to leave for the Preparatory Grammar Seminar.

Yesterday I went into my home for approximately the next three years for the first time.

I love it.

The house itself is from about 1920 and so is the door of my room and the kitchen door. The kitchen itself is hardly more than some cupboards, refrigerator, sink and hearth and we’ll have to put the fold away table into the vestibule for meals, but the flat is simply cute, though.
I’ll get my own computer here on Friday – the laptop may be neat, but I couldn’t find the card reader (if I has got one and I don’t own an extra reader, so…) at the best of will.
Right in front of my two windows that are pointing out to the green street, across from a book shop illuminated by a red star there is a street lantern, it’s light beaming gently into my chamber so that I don’t even need light at nights – which is a little impractical as long as I don’t have any curtains (make this until Saturday).

So that’s it with a little update for now, I just wanted to share my bliss. ^^


Any thoughts?

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