Let it Snow!

It’s Christmas time, no doubt. Yesterday I went to the Christmas Party at the Oriental studies (a cute old childrens hospital with a grand inner courtyard and stone cherubs at the gate) and afterwards climbed the hill to the castle with the Satyr and strewed some fairy dust on thresholds. I came home at about half past three and had a peppermint tea before going to bed.

When I woke up this morning I met the Satyr in the kitchen who told me to look out of the window and then went to bed again.

And guess what? It snowed!

It’s this beautiful out there, thick white flakes are trembling down from above, covering the street and the small old houses. Imediately I called my mother who told me that there is snow at her home, too, and this hopefully means that we’ll have white Christmas!

(I didn’t really have the time to take photos, sadly, but I will find some tomorrow, I guess).


Any thoughts?

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