Christmas Decorations

University has been keeping me busy through the last weeks so I sadly couldn’t find the time to write anything – shame on me. But since today, 10 AM, it’s winter holidays! I’ll take the chance to share my musings about decorating for Christmas. If you haven’t done it yet, it is finally time to do so!

I’ve got to admit that I’m not that much into blinking kitschy plastic deco when it comes to Christmas. Here are my alternatives:

I’ve come from the woods…

Paper mistletoes. Very eco-friendly. ;)

A very natural style with beeswax candles instead of fairy lights, walnuts and apples for Christmas ornaments and thick, woolen socks at the fireplace. Oh, and don’t forget the mistletoes! Kissing beneath them is a most lovely tradition that is maintained way not enough and we’ve even got the one show above (I couldn’t get real ones, so I drew them) in the flat share, but no-one has been kissed beneath this far…

It was a dark and cold night…

I’ve always been very fond of the classical Victorian style of celebrating Christmas and as I am a little bit Gothic, too, I indeed like the idea of a slightly creepy, dark version of the festivity: Colours like dark, nearly bloody red, all shades of grey and worn down absinthe green would create a nice, whimsical feeling when the lights are turned down low and the clouds are covering the winter sky.

Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy

This one is for those who can’t get it sweet enough: Forget about the boughs of holly and take sugar canes instead, cover your tree in bonbons and fairy floss, bake biscuits with lots of sugary frosting and the cutest stockings you can find.

Deck the halls with boughs of Holly

The classical way. I’d go for a nutcracker and gingerbread, a large Christmas tree, Christmas crackers, silly old-fashioned hats, ornaments in shapes of ballet dancers and hoofed animals and loads of chocolate! You could also hang up garlands with Yuletide wishes in pretty antique letters or holiday cards.

-18°C outside, icy storm winds, crunching dry snow beneath my feet when I’m roaming the streets, holidays and a seelie grin on my face. Life couldn’t be better sometimes.


Any thoughts?

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