So Christmas is over…

… for this year! But there will be others to follow…

And I’ll be more prepared next time, I swear. I didn’t have one present ready on Christmas Eve, what a luck that I didn’t hold my Yuletide dinner like the years before, a blessing in disguise! But next year I won’t be moving while I should stitch and sew. ^^


Yesterday, belated but oh-so-great!, I got the most stylish gadget Christmas present ever from the Imp: A Steampunk USB stick! I love the “grandfather’s clock” design and it’s even got “Holly” (another nickname of mine, as I can be as thorny and feisty as holly sometimes) burned-in on the other side!

As for my other presents, I got two  pair of knee-high socks in dark red (nearly matching my new cardigan), an ironing board, a luxurious woollen “feather” duster, a biscuits shaping-tool with changeable letters for names or phrases and cute magnets for Marburg, where I happened to bring my last pieces of furniture to today. Oh, and the illustrated-by-Paul Kidby Discworld novel The Last Hero that I had wished for so long!

Good-bye ’til then!


Any thoughts?

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