Intermezzo: Retrospective

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The year 2009 is nearly over. A lot of things happened and I’ll do my best to do my very own review of the year passed by.

  • First of all, I started this blog. I think I’ve been quite a good blogger, without months of absence between posts, but there are things for sure that I can improve next year.
  • The biggest change in my life that has happened this year is the fact that I’m at university now and also moved near my Alma Mater – to Marburg, living (most of the time) happily ever after with Bambi and the Satyr.
  • Related to university, I bought a notebook, pretty a grand step for an idiot like me when it comes to such gadgets. Now I can watch my favourite fairy films while being a mermaid in the tub!
  • The Goblin and I finished our relationship after three years as a couple, but remained friends. It didn’t work anymore, and as I was heading off to university and to live over 100 miles away it seemed like a bad idea to try to restore the tie – again.
  • With Hollis, I finally found my great Lolita companion that I can take with me wherever I go! He even went to university with me during the first days.
  • I got my wonderful Lolita pen pal Lilibeth! My dearest! It’s always a pleasure to receive your letters as well as answering them, and I hope our friendship will last though the next year as well as it did since we found each other. And I’m so sorry that I can’t accompany you at the Emilie Autumn concert!
  • I saw Coppelius – twice! And twice they were splendid! I’m really looking forward to the next festival season to see and hear them again.
  • Last, but surly not least, I finally took Hedgefairy as a name for myself and it still fits me very well.

Any thoughts?

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