Fabrics and a glowing Mouse

Yesterday I went on a little shopping trip with Jules.

Honestly, we only wanted to look for some fabric!

I went home with two yards of tulle and some satin ribbons for my first real petticoat. Two yards seem not very much, but I will also use “normal” stiff cotton and there’s always a mercer near enough to buy some more.

And I could not resist when I saw that rayon flannel that will make an excellent ruffle, cuffs and decoration for my planned gothic dress.

I also needed some hook-and-loop tape for my old black double-breasted dress that I finally mended and re-dyed for a newer look. Well, I didn’t need a glow-in-the-dark mouse or cutely drawn stickers and temporary tattoos or a base for a miniature top hat in form of an Alice band (well, I do need it, but it wasn’t on my shopping list) or a book or red and white striped socks…

Tomorrow I’ll be going back to Marburg, then with my new bed and closet for a week of translating, looking things up in the library, finally finishing my time line exercise and thinking of a nice matter for my assignment at Celtic studies.
Maybe I’ll have the time to take some photos, too! ;)

But now I’ve got to finish the oiling of my bed and then I’ll be heading off to the Goblin’s for an evening of videos and pasta casserole.


Any thoughts?

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