The End of Holidays

Here I am, at the end of holidays. Uni will be starting again to-morrow and yesterday I spent my afternoon at Simons’ (a fellow student and kobold whose house is about five minutes away) doing homework for Old and New Irish. Old Irish was quite nice albeit costly in terms of labour, as it was translating the opening of a saga, The Tale of Mac Da Thó’s Pig, but I dearly love translating and I had great company, so it was fun anyway.

Holidays are always gone so fast! I definitely could need somebody to remind me of all the things I wanted to do through my free time, or at least a good plan…

I also love the design of the cover...

Yesterday evening, after Bambi had come home from his holidays, too, I went to bed at half past midnight but stayed awake until 3 AM reading Howl’s Moving Castle which was kindly lent to me by Simons’ flat mate. The book is so much better than the film, and the film alone is already quite great! I love the literature references and the fact that Howl is from Wales (I mean, hey… I’m a student at Celtic studies.). Sophie is way more aggressive and energetic than in the movie and overall, the book is less lethargic and in exchange more ironic and conscious of the story’s clichés. More my kind of story.

At the moment I’m sitting in Bambi’s room with the rabbits and him, sipping tea (I made three pots – thermos flasks are great!) and chatting with my fellow students over the topic of New Irish homework and palatal and neutral consonants. It is snowing outside in very fine snowflakes which means that the snow will last a while and I can see the all the lightened windows of our street through Bambi’s largest window.

I’ve got to go out to take some photos of my fairy tale town!

Snow spirits are wandering the botanical garden at night...

Well, so I went out and took some photos and then called Bambi on the phone for him to come down and have a snowball fight with me and then Simon came along (he had been to a choir rehearsal) and we went to his house (it’s adorable, I’ll write about that another night) for a cup o’ tea and a pillow fight in the living room. We just came back ten minutes ago, but now it’s nearly 1 AM and I’ll have to be at my New Irish lesson at 10 AM and I wanted to look up something before so I’ll load up all the other pictures when I’m home from university tomorrow.

Good night now, and may all the world sleep well under the thick blanket of white…


Any thoughts?

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