Princess Weekend

It’s early in the morning right now and outside the streets are covered with snow again after the old one had been washed away a fortnight ago. It started to snow on Sunday when I escorted Jules on his way to the railway station for his train home.

He arrived Friday afternoon before we went up the hill and after I had made the cake for Simon’s housewarming party. Well, the party itself was quite funny even though I wished I could have danced more… Anyway. :)

On Saturday we slept until 11 AM as we came home at about three and stayed awake until five together with Bambi (the Satyr being engaged elsewhere). I roused Jules with one of his favourite songs at the moment, Defying Gravity from Wicked, sung by Chris Colfer alias Kurt Hummel from Glee, and he was delighted (By the way, I really need a new ringtone for the alarm clock of my mobile phone, something I’ like to rise with. I think I’ll dedicate a whole post to this some other day.).
In the afternoon – which isn’t to far away from a 11 AM – I showed Jules Marburg as he had just seen it by night yet when he slept over at our’s after the last Coppelius concert in december.

First we went to our local department store that has a really nice array of fabrics, wool and buttons. Yes, I bought some fabric, again, a totally cute cotton in a greyish blue with little white ducks printed on it, I think it will make a great summers dress. ^^

He looks like a university student himself...

After taking those outfit photos we found ourselves lost in the toy store in the upper town where Jules coaxed me to get myself a glittery wand – a fairy godmother does need one, he’s right at that point. :) I also bought a small music box with the tune of Singin’ in the Rain, which is lovely. Well, that was quite a shopping trip for me. ^^

A time traveller, taking pictures.

On Sunday morning we had the most lovely breakfast with salmon toasts and Earl Grey while Hollis had a sandwich of his own (Ludwig couldn’t come as he caught cold and has to stay in bed at the moment).

Our breakfast in the morning light...
... including Hollis and another sandwich.

You see, the weekend was really great, but now I’ve got to go to university, New Irish is calling.

Bye, then!


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