10 Pleasures in February

  1. Nuts-and-honey corn flakes. Well, I like them. What should I say more?
  2. Sam & Max: Season One (Save the World). The most whimsical detective agency ever, with colour-changing weirdos, gangster mice, Abe Lincoln and a major culture shock. I love point and click adventures, the weirder the better.
  3. Billiard. I should indeed play billiard way more often. It’s fun and kind of retro and a good thing to do before hitting the road to a rockabilly concert. Plus, you’ve got to think about angles and moments of torque, as well. It’s like math, but funny.
  4. The Ivory Towers of my university. They are not very pretty, indeed, rather the contrary, but an ivory tower isn’t that positive at all, is it? I don’t like my grammar tutor too much, but this analogy was rather brilliant, and it sounds so dreamy. I like to sit in the second highest tower at Tuesday and Thursday mornings and watch the fog rise until one can’t see the town anymore from the eighth floor.
  5. National Costumes or at least elements of them. I’m especially drawn to Silesian, Frisian and a hint of Bavarian mixed up with a little bit of Lolita, classical western gothic and mori girl, which seems to be in my closet anyway. Currently, I’m working on an inspired summer’s outfit featuring shorts, a heart shaped bag, my Danish duck feet shoes and Hessian embroidery.
  6. Carl Larsson. A Swedish artist mostly picturing everyday scenes from a 19th century Sweden. I’ve got a calendar featuring his pieces hanging over my sewing machine.
  7. Extracurricular Lectures. I joined only two of them during the last semester, once about Heinrich Becker, a folklorist focused on Ireland and the Herxheim excavations. Both were pretty interesting, Herxheim a little bit more, and I finally saw another part of our university than the Social Studies building.
  8. The Dresden Dolls. This Brechtian punk-cabaret (a lovely name for their kind of music) duo has been kind of a favourite of mine for a couple of years now. Even though Amanda Palmer’s eyebrows are still a little scary to me… The whole dark cabaret movement is quite interesting, but another style I needed clothes for…? I don’t know.
  9. Fruit Tea. When I was a child I called it jelly baby tea for it tasted like the ones from the whole-food shop that my mother used to bring home now and then (oh how I miss those!). The Satyr doesn’t like this deep red coloured potion, but Bambi drinks it, too.
  10. Online Greeting Cards from Bluntcard.com. Definitely not ladylike, but hilarious. I just sent a couple of those to my best friends, and as long as they understand this kind of humor – as they do, indeed,- everything is fine. Like in a 50s family portrait.

3 thoughts on “10 Pleasures in February

  1. on point 8:
    Ever listened to Amanda Palmers solo album? It’s brilliant and they made some quite good video clips, too.

  2. Oh yes, Amanda’s voice is stunning!
    And you’re right, the video clips are quite cool. Thanks for the hint!

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