A Return to Little Sweden

Yesterday I went to IKEA again, this time not with Jules but with two fellow students. One of them needed fabric for some light summer dresses that I’ll sew for her and found three rather nice patterns, two for the dresses and one for a scarf and headband.

I for myself got me a wonderful heart-shaped pillow from the FABLER collection (which is lovelyand hard to resist anyway, I’ve even got cut goods with its designs), a small plush wolf (I couldn’t resist for not even 50 cents), the typical IKEA felt-pens with punches at the other end (I still have a green twirl on my cheek) and of course two and a half meters (make that 2.7 yards) of fabric, one meter with a heart pattern that could make a nice lining for a bag and the other 1.5 meters of a large gingham in a nice dark red that will be transformed into a vintage dress with plain red details.

Before we left the building I restocked my Swedish sweets stock with strawberry and toffee laces (aka. snören), cinnamon pastry and chocolate (Kajal, one of Bambi’s rabbits, nibbled at one bar when we didn’t look, but gladly she didn’t get too much and we hope that she won’t get ill or something. Bad girl.).


Any thoughts?

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