Short Return after Absence

As you may have noticed I’ve been a little absent during the last two weeks.

First it was the exams, and after those were over, I got struck with Pyelonephritis and bedbound for a week with fever, chills, a massive headache and abdominal pain in an overdose. Gladly, I found a good doctor not too far from our home and am way better now, even if I’m still supposed to not leave the house.

Which is a pity for the snow is melting now and the air is clear and the wind carries the first notions of spring, and the sun warms the old walls of the book store on the other side of the street.

Before I fell ill I started sewing a new dress, I hope I can go on with it soon. I’ll be under medication until Monday for now, but then I’ll finally be able to go out again (mainly, to arrange the subject of my upcoming assignment).

At the moment the Satyr has a visitor – his youngest sister is staying for some days and they are sight-seeing right now. Oh, how I want to go outside, too! Aaaaargh! Yes, this isn’t very lady-like, I know.

I attended another swap at Natron & Soda, this time as a kind of “lucky bag”. I’m quite satisfied with the things I’ve already made – doing things in bed is possible, at all – but I can’t show too much here until I sent the package.
One of the things one can do really good in bed is embroidery.

I noticed that the things I’ve got stored at the lower end of my bed match perfectly in colour:

I liked this so much that I made it my new desktop background. ^^

Mostly, I spent my last days playing Edna bricht aus, watching Scrubs, reading three Thursday Next-Books, drawing for the swap and sleeping. I really want to get outside. Really. REALLY! AAAARGH!



Any thoughts?

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