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I am indeed inceredibly bored. One can’t just watch Scrubs for days or read Thursday Next: Something Rotten in one strike – it would be over then and I’d have to return to Mr Dickens and the Great Expectations. Dickens is a great storyteller but not very nice when you’re impatiently sitting at home with the eager wish to go outside as he is talking and talking and talking and not coming to any conclusion, at least not for me and not at the moment. I finished the embroidery for the swap and am now thinking about the next piece – there’s still something lacking in my eyes, except the sweets, of course.

I’ve had a phone conversation with Jules and watched the Autumn/ Winter collection of 2006 by Alexander McQueen (a pity he died) which is really great and I made a test about which character from the new Alice in Wonderland film I’m most like (the Cheshire Cat), I made the style category test at Natron & Soda and ended up with the fairytale section (satisfying) and I updated the blog of my upcoming Steampunk LARP. I phoned my mother (twice) and even got out of the house to get me some vitamins for the weekend.

And I’m still quite bored. The blogs I read aren’t updated daily which is not that horrible when I’m well, but I want something nice and easy to read about frills and lace and Lolita meet-ups at the moment. I truly never wanted to write such a negative article in this blog, but well, one does many things one never wanted to do when one’s bored.

If I was well now I’d dress in the best clothing I’ve got here and go outside to the upper city to take some pictures and to go to Hussel’s (the best sweets shop in town) and get myself some serious sugar and chocolate. I’d take my sketchbook and draw the birds on the river Lahn and then I’d maybe go to the little minerals museum behind Elisabeth church that my father recommended when we passed it by when he drove me to the doctor. I’d stray along the streets and look at the shop windows and maybe I’d get a new Chapati item to cuddle in when I’m at home again. Then, I’d make me a hot chocolate to warm myself (it’s colder again and it even snowed a little a while ago) and crunch down my loot from the sweets shop.

Well, at least I can make a hot chocolate!


Any thoughts?

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