Steampunk Style Test

As I’m still planning a Steampunk LARP which will be realised in September (really, we’ve got the location and everything!), I took a little test which I wanted to recommend to my readers.

Click here for the Steampunk Style Test.

This is my result:

The Aristocrat

50% Elegant, 31% Technological, 47% Historical, 40% Adventurous and 43% Playful!

You are the Aristocrat, the embodiment of steampunk elegance and poise. For you, dressing steampunk is first and foremost about simply looking good, with accessories and details to follow. However, this does not mean that you ignore the demands of creating a “steampunk look.” Your outfits weave together a balance between technology and style, and between period accuracy and beautiful anachronism. While your fashion inspiration may come from anywhere across the Victorian social spectrum, you always find a way to make your outfit beautiful. You will probably be found in the clothes of the steam age elite simply because of the greater elegance available to them. Chances are you dress this way because you like it, and you would still dress in this manner even if steampunk was not a popular interest.

Well, that’s pretty much it. I’d add a little bit of the Explorer style, though. I really have to start sewing Honoria’s wardrobe… Oh, I definitely should introduce Honoria to you soon.

What’s your Steampunk Style type? Yes, this is a direct challenge for you to do this test and comment. I’m curious. :)


6 thoughts on “Steampunk Style Test

  1. I took the test. :) Ok, I can see how the description of the character somehow suits me, the described clothes style…I don’t really think so. I’ll post it anyways :) So, what do you think, does this description suit me at all? ^^” I think yours was pretty accurate.

    The Explorer

    36% Elegant, 24% Technological, 40% Historical, 52% Adventurous and 46% Playful!

    You are the Explorer, the embodiment of steampunk’s adventuring spirit. For you, clothing should be rugged and reliable, and just as functional as it is attractive. You probably prefer khaki or leather, and your accessories are as likely to include weapons as technological gizmos. You probably wear boots and gloves, and maybe a pith helmet. Most of what you wear is functional, and if you happen to wear goggles people had better believe that you use them. In addition to Victorian exploration gear, your outfit probably includes little knickknacks from your various travels. Above all, you are a charming blend of rugged Victorian daring and exotic curiosity.

    1. Hm… hard to tell, as you’re not really wearing steampunk in real life (or did I miss something?). But at least I can imagine you embedding Indian and generally far eastern elements to Victorian garments… it would definitely suit you.

      1. No you didn’t miss anything. I think good steampunk stuff is hard to get or expensive anyways and I am just not skilled in sewing ;)
        And your ideas are things I have in mind anyways :)
        But just coz I don’t have clothes like that yet, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t wear it if I had them…
        For example, do you know the manga Clover by Clamp? I wouldn’t call it completely steampunk but the clothes they use there are pretty nice and mixed with old technological features and it looks pretty good to me… just that I can’t make stuff like that. There was also a video game called Skies of Arcadia where they had some nice stuff… they were wearing oldschool clothing, flying around in huge airships and one of the characters had… goggles. All in all it was pretty awesome. I also recall having seen fake wings in historical setting in the manga Wings of Vendemiaire… But I never came across clothes like this in any shop I know.
        And I should stop spamming your blog….sorry.

  2. Yes, I did it. I´m ‘The Officer’, and I do absolutely not approve.
    What was all my babbling about art, romance an overrated technology for if that´s the result … ?

    *gnah* I like to be an ‘Air Pirate’ or an ‘Explorer’ …

    1. Don’t worry, I got this result, too, once. And wondered where it came from, as well.
      Just try it again, it’s not the ne plus ultra. :)

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