Grim(m) Shirts and Paper Subjects

Today I went to see my tutor for Celtic Studies to discuss the subject for my assignment. It will be Crossing Cultures in the Welsh Marches during the Middle Ages which is not the exact title (that’s not set yet) but at least the matter. I also got an idea what to write for my bachelor degree, but that’s not really ripe for decision by now as I still have five semesters to go until then.

I also came up with a T-shirt design for myself when I was standing in the bathroom, brushing my teeth. It is a pretty known fact that I love fairytales and the P&P roleplay Grimm.

It features several themes from Grimm’s Fairy Tales and a matching writing. I’m not too sure about the Rotten King thing yet, maybe I’ll put it on the back, maybe not. I did the colouring with my pad and found that working with the computer at this point can be indeed great fun. I’m not very good at digital colouring (this page above is my third try at all), but for scribbles it’s quite ideal. The page is not the design itself, by the way, more of a brainstorming for the T-shirt.

The present for Bambi’s birthday in March is progressing quite well, but I can’t show it yet in case that he unexpectedly stumbles by here… I can only tell that it is related to a computer game of which’s soundtrack I’m rather annoyed by now although I really liked it in the beginning.
On Wednesday there will be a handicraft bee here at the little white house in the green lane and hopefully I’ll finally learn crochet. I’ll report about that on Thursday.

I should really be doing something for my Latin certificate right now as I can’t participate in the compact course due to my illness. I hardly could walk to university (that’s about ten minutes) and stay there that long, how should I bear a 8 to 1 seminar, then, for three weeks? Fortunately I’ve got a good friend who’s taking the course, too and keeps me informed. Well, plus six years of Latin lessons can’t be lost labour, there’s still lots of that knowledge somewhere in my head.

But now I’ll be heading of to our department store for some yellow felt, some long sleeves and a plain T-shirt.

So long!


Any thoughts?

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