Intermezzo: Blog Links Update

Almost a year ago (oh well, 10 months) I posted a list of the blogs I was reading regularly then. This list has grown, and I wanted to give you a little update of some (definitely not all and only those in English) of the jewels that brighten my days. I won’t repeat myself as the old list can be read through the link above.

Princess for a Day or the Rest of your Life?

My pen friend’s princess blog. Darling, I’m eagerly waiting for every new post of yours!

Mademoiselle Chaos & Sister Infinity

I dare say: My favourite blog at the moment. Mademoiselle Chaos is so creative and skillful! I love her obsession for steampunk and wool and her tutorials, too. A really inspiring blog, and now I really have to learn crochet (In advance: thanks to Teli for teaching me! Ha!, there’s a German blog. I tricked on myself again, but that’s okay.).

The Lion and the Dandelion

Oh well, yes, another German blog. But the titles are in English. Well, once I crossed the threshold… Anyway, I extremely like this blog’s name, and the content, too.

Miss Lumpy

The chance that those of my reader who are at least a little bit into Lolita already know this blog is pretty good. Anyway, I really like Miss Lumpy’s musings and her style (as it isn’t giving me a toothache by being too sweet) and goth, she’s simply beautiful. Secretly, I refer to her as a kind of Snow White. ^^

F*** Yeah Lolita

Another Lolita classic. I love Caro-chans style of writing as she doesn’t seem to take the fashion too serious and can be quite sarcastic. I appreciate that.


2 thoughts on “Intermezzo: Blog Links Update

  1. Ich staune ja gerade total, dass mein Blog hier erwähnt wird … um nicht zu sagen: ich freue mich wie ein Keks :)

    Ich lese immer total gerne in deinem Blog bzw. dadurch hast du sogar eine gewisse Mitschuld daran, dass ich auch ein Blog haben wollte. Da freut mich das natürlich, wenn ich sowas lese :)


    1. Jetzt fühle ich mich aber geehrt, dass ich dich teilweise mit Bloggeritis anstecken konnte… :)
      Ich freue mich wirklich über jeden deiner Posts, somit hast du den Platz in der Blogliste bestimmt verdient.

      Liebe Grüße

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