5 Favourite Words in February

I always liked words. I collect them in my pocket calendar, the red one with the golden decor. From now on I’ll share my favourite words with you, five each month.

  1. Monastery. I like how close it actually is to Monster. Especially if you speak the e, which may be wrong but sounds great. As I said, a little bit like Monster.
  2. Wut. The German word for fury. Well, not really. I haven’t found a word in English yet to translate Wut the way I want to. Stretch the u. Wuuuuut. Well, I like it.
  3. Honig. German for honey. I like it better than the English version ’cause you can extend the o better. Hooohnig. Besides, I love honey.
  4. Abbey. Quite closely related to monastery in its meaning. I seem to have a soft spot for clerical words. Like in Westminster or Northanger.
  5. Fair in the meaning of pretty and pale. It reminds me of flaxen hair, Astrid Lindgren books, wild roses and skin that burns way to fast. And finally, it sounds a little bit like fairy (although the words are not related at all).

Any thoughts?

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