A bagful of Steampunk

Normally, I don’t post twice a day, but the anniversary post doesn’t really count.

Yesterday there arrived a swap parcel for me. I nearly missed it because the postman is always in such a hurry (well, one of our neighbors would have taken it for me, I think, but it is nicer to receive it yourself, isn’t it.)

It came from Trisha who perfectly met my taste with the steampunk inspired items (and the chocolate) in the lucky bag!

The bag itself with the greeting card and a bookmark.

Some bathing essence, tea, coffee chocolate, a phone strap and buttons - she even made some of them herself! Oh, and of course a great slide...
...that I put into my hair immediately.

The green part of the bag consisted of more chocolate (nougat), a ribbon brooch, another hairpin and a wonderful necklace which I didn't want to take off anymore. And isn't the letter cute?

Also, a small package from my maternal family arrived with a woolen kidney warmer (thanks!) which may be a little bit weird, but I really like it. I think it’s from one of my great-grandmothers. However. I went to the upper town to get the sweets for the lucky bag I’m sending in, so hopefully I can get the gift ready for the post office today.

Oh, and I went to H&M for a simple long sleeve but they had not my size anymore, so I found myself at home with this treasure later:

Hulloah Honoria again.

I think I’ll waist it down as I don’t like that tent-look (that’s how Jules calls it) that much. But I love the lace at the collar, and guess what, it even was on sale and the fabric has a great feel to my skin.

My work in progress is going pretty well, the duck dress is nearly finished by now, only the ribbons, the sash and the ruffles are lacking by now. And maybe the ornamental stripes if I decide to go for them.


Any thoughts?

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