Tangled Webs and High Heel Issues

Oh, don’t misunderstand the title!
Normally I don’t have any problems with heels, I am able to walk in them even if I wouldn’t wear them to university or my everyday life at all.

But yesterday the high heels of an other girl caused me some bruises and pain at my shinbone. Thanks, stupid. And by the way, faking half fainting is really… no. Even at a rockabilly concert. And for god’s sake, I know that you were mostly there for the boys, but hell why can’t you wear trainers for Rock’nRoll dancing? Enough of the rant.

‘Cause yesterday I was fit enough again to attend a concert of a great rockabilly band from my old home town Aschaffenburg, Boppin’ B, together with Bambi. It was quite spontaneous as he mentioned it during breakfast and we decided to go there as the location is just about hundred yards away so if my weakness would have struck again I could have walked home easily in under five minutes. Glady, this didn’t happen although I was happy when it ended at 10.30 PM (it had begun at 8 PM) for that was my “deadline” and I really had to turn the dancing down at the end. Anyway, it was magnificent and totally worth it (even the opening act was great!).
Afterwards when we were back home, Bambi made some scrambled eggs with lots of pepper and I added the salad and we had a really nice though late and simple dinner.

Another thing absolutely worth mentioning is last Wednesday. Teli and Fiene came over for a crafts afternoon as they are both knitting the most adorable jumper with embedded owls. Also, Teli finally taught me how to crochet and I exercise daily to get the work more even. But at least I dared to crochet a scallop border! Well, that was another point of my 101 daring deeds to fulfill. Make that 13. :)

Today I’m going to get some more cotton crochet thread and a large mirror – I’m tired of using Bambi’s whenever I want to check my outfits. Oh, and I finally took the swap parcel to the post office. Now it’s all waiting and hoping that the recipient likes it.


Any thoughts?

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