Tombstones and Water

Today when I saw that the sun was shining I asked my flat mates if someone would go for a walk with me. Bambi preferred to stay inside, but the Satyr kindly accompanied me on a stray along the river. After the snow and some rain that washed away said snow, the river is completely flooded. The trees are partly underwater (just like mangroves, the Satyr said), the paths are covered in mud (as the water went back during the last week, but only about 1 1/2 yards, so the meadows are still flooded) and on the car park a grey heron was searching for food when we strolled by.

Instead of walking right home when the way got too wet (aka. one bid puddle) again, we took a small way along the other side of the river and ended at the gate of one of the oldest districts of Marburg, Weidenhausen. This district seems like a little village right in the town, full of old frame houses and small side streets (but not as weird as the old upper city).

We ended up on a little churchyard that we saw from the bridge. Most of the broken and weathered tombstones were put there between 1820 and 1930 and the cemetery seemed quite abandoned and neglected. I liked it though, in a morbid way. Some of the older gravestones were really artful and classy, some day I’ll return with a fully charged camera battery.

I really love living near a river.


Any thoughts?

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