Intermezzo: Desktop Icons

After I found a stunning package of steampunky desktop icons on, I had to search for some new folder icons, too. I finally decided to go for these. As there were many more that I thought cute, pretty, nice or cool, here’s a little assortment (entirely from this site):

  1. La Patisserie. Something for sweet lolitas, lovers of cake and chocolatiers.
  2. Legendora. I used the airship icon for my Firefox. Isn’t the dragon just cute?
  3. Smashing Royal and Crowns. For your inner king, queen, prince or princess. Jules, isn’t that for you? :)
  4. Ravenswood Revisited. A little bit gothic but still cute (I had to add something black!).
  5. Indiana Jones. You are either an archaeologist or you just use some of the icons for your steampunk/ history desktop.
  6. Doctor Who. Again, Daleks are quite steampunky. Well, and I’m a fan.
  7. Trick of Trash. Halloween is long gone, but I had to spread the word of this ingenious coffin trash.
  8. System 5 and Hats. I think they might make a quite good team for a private eye or journalist theme.
  9. Going Postal. First of all, I love the reference of Terry Pratchett’s book of the same name ^^ and second, I used it for my university folder.
  10. Lord Icons and Applications. I guess one can use application symbols for folders as well. Nevermind.
  11. The Attic. Some kind of scary, but I like the antique feel about it.
  12. Scary Monsters. They didn’t match my desktop, but they’re too cute.

Any thoughts?

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