I’ve been so quiet lately

It has been a little quiet here, hasn’t it? But don’t you worry, I’m still alive, just recovering from a flu I had additional to my illness.

So… what did I actually do since my last post?

I finished Bambi’s birthday present (deadline was next Sunday, so I’m not late, once! :) ).

I made lots of copies for my assignment and started to filter them for information (it’s amazing how few people concerned theirselves with the culture contact in the Welsh Marches!).

I entered another swap, this time for headdresses and hats. I’m pretty excited, as always. presumably I’ll get the profile this weekend… *fidget*

Yesterday we went to a graveyard again, this time one in the upper city but comparably old like the other one and this time the battery was all charged and I took more photos. I think I’ll upload them tomorrow in an other post, they don’t really fit in here with my prosaic update. ^^

I went down to Aschaffenburg to watch Fantastic Mr. Fox with Goblin and have sushi with Jules.

Jules managed to get me a pair of Claire’s Alice in Wonderland socks as we don’t have Claire’s in Marburg. I have not seen the film yet and really don’t know if I’m going to (it’s more likely that I’m going to watch How to Train Your Dragon). I am too much a fan of the books and in the end, I’d only go to the movies to see the all hailed and praised costumes and Burton designs. Oh well. And then, when everybody else is running around in Alice-inspired garments, I’ll be wearing pseudo-viking, completely historically incorrect. *g*

I still need a hair trim, my tips are in a most horrible condition. I also reminded in my pajamas way too long today, something that I owe H.P. Lovecraft whose work I started to read yesterday night. I had to lighten it up with some Awful End at 3 A.M. when I recognized that I had spent the last hours in a kind of unhealthy semi-sleep. Finally with Great Expectations I finished another book from my reading list and also fulfilled one of the daring deeds by going to bed before midnight for a whole month (weekends excluded ;) ).

Actually, I should be writing letters now. Poor Mela and Iris, you’re surely waiting eagerly and I really feel bad about letting you wait. I will get out my stationary immediately!

So, good-bye and forgive my late laziness!


Any thoughts?

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