10 Pleasures in March

  1. Watching Birds on the river. To most people they seem only ducks, but if you take a closer look you’ll see that there is a great variety of birds, coots (the Welsh name is cwtiar) and grey herons (Latin ardea cinerea – yes, I love words, why do you ask?) being the ones I could identify as a non-professional. My favourites are the dark grey ones with the sharp beaks that stay under water for half a minute, though.
  2. Oat-Nut-Nougat Crisps from Hussel. It’s chocolate that melts on your tongue. What could be better? I love these sweets and I even adore the packing that looks like a coffee cup.
  3. The first heralds of spring. Tiny light green leafs, the diffuse smell of warmer air, the first little flowers that open their blossoms at the riverside while the water gurgles by with the song of the birds, announcing the rays of the march sun.
  4. Dharma and Greg. When I was ill in February, I switched to them after two seasons of Scrubs. I think I’d be more on Dharma’s side of the family although I really like Greg’s sarcasm.
  5. Fresh Bread. I love the smell, the consistency, the feel, the taste. It’s wonderful when the bread is fresh enough that you can eat the first bit (you know, when you just cut the bread the first time, the one with more crust than actual bread) without chewing too hard.
  6. Poetico Mecano. This wonderful little steampunky film is so whimsical, sad and delightful at once that I definitely had to take it to this list!
  7. Max Raabe & Das Palastorchester. I think I mentioned them before when I told you of my last year’s Christmas. They play 20s and 30s style music, sometimes even new pieces. I can highly recommend Tainted Love. Oh, and everything else, too.
  8. Flood. As long as it is not in my basement, I like it. The world looks so different when flooded, more adventuresome and a little bit strange.
  9. My new sun-frock. I can’t really wear it yet as it is too cold outside and I’ve just been ill, but I will wear it in summer at the lakes.
  10. For all the World’s a Stage. And all the men and women are merely players. Not only is this a very true quote from the bard, but also something that, if noticed in your own life, can be bewildering, amusing, dramatic or even romantic. But keep your eyes open for the stage’s border…

Any thoughts?

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