Remember Me As You Pass By

When I told you about the graveyard in the upper town I promised you some pictures.

"To a beloved aunt from her nephews and nieces"
"To a beloved aunt from her nephews and nieces"

I love the touching dedications on old gravestones. The one for the beloved aunt had a quite skillfully made putto on its top. I love sandstone, it’s really interesting to work with and it looks stunning.

Said putto

The tree at its side had grown through this monument, leaving it split up in two parts on each side of the tree whose roots had overgrown the stone that looks like a stairway into the tree now.

I admire the beauty of these cross ornaments. Some of the oldest gravestones are topped my these cast iron symbols presenting the names and dates of the deceased.

Most of the graves at this cemetery are from the 19th century, but I think the oldest was from 16xx (but an individual case, too).

A baker's tombstone

There are neo-gothic motives almost everywhere in my fairytale city. I should think about a dress including some lancet arches… maybe.


Any thoughts?

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