Hare, Fox and Cotton

I like the title, it could be the name of a painting, too.

Today I went to get some fabric for my new apron. I love skirts and dresses, but most of them – also those that I’ve sewn myself – have no pockets. So, the plan is to sew a couple of aprons that suit Lolita, Steampunk and Hedgefairy in equal parts. After all, girls wore aprons during the last centuries to protect their clothing. So why shouldn’t I?

100% Winter Cotton

I also got some of the material for Jules’ birthday present which is due at the 5th of May but I won’t show it here ’til then. Maybe one or another hint, but nothing more!
Oh, I’ve got a new pet keeping watch over my pirate’s treasure:

Actually, the jar is a punch.

The buttons are for some steampunky jewelry or hair combs. I immediately fell in love with the motif as I spotted it:

One, two, three, four, five, Hunt the hare and turn her down the rocky road And all the way to Dublin, Whack fol la de dah.

In fact, Rocky Road to Dublin in a The Dubliners version was part of the Sherlock Holmes Soundtrack and appeared in one of the most formidable scenes.

Abigail, one of Bambi's rabbits, sat on my bed and watched the clouds go by outside the window... Another hare, kind of!

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