Intermezzo: Achievement Book

I admit it. I’m terribly good at procrastinating. My Lolita WIP on Natron & Soda, my Celtic Studies paper, thank-you letters after Christmas, signing up for workshops or sports, even vacuum-cleaning my room (albeit I really like cleaning my room!).

To avoid that, I used to write to-do lists. I still do that, sometimes. But I found that it was a better stimulus to see what I had done during the day than what I had not. That was when I started my Achievement Book. I began to list everything that I had settled and realised that it was a real inducement that I wanted to see as much things as possible on a list a day.

Sure, I’m still having lazy days (too much lately…), but I have bettered. It might be even more of a treat if the book is a nice one to the eyes, too (mine is quite classically bound in carta fiorentina).


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