Dramatic Effects

After I paid a visit to the doctor for a final blood count this morning I signed up for a craft swap. Again. Now it’s not only Headdresses & Hats but also, mad as a hatter, Alice in Wonderland (due to the hype of Mr. Burton’s… special… version). I’m really looking forward to the profile of the latter. I already got the one for the first swap and am full of ideas. :)

Something I forgot to show you when I was talking about hares yesterday is this wonderful post by Rima from The Hermitage. I really admire her painting skills.

Yesterday evening I felt the urge to draw the design for something I call “Brit Lolita”. In fact, it’s more of a Classic Lolita-Mori Girl crossover with robust fabrics, leather patches at the elbows and motives like roses, white and red dragons (together with harps and thistles to represent all parts of the UK ;) ), cups of tea or city silhouettes.

I still need a scanner... photos are just not the same.

Also, I checked an important point that I had on my to-do list for weeks and cleared some points for a workshop I want to attend in autumn. Now I’ve got to find my university papers again as they were not at their usual place… Oh cruel disarray!
*faints for dramatic effect*


Any thoughts?

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