Preparing for… Saint Patrick’s Day

Well, Saint Patrick’s Day isn’t too big in Germany as… you know… he’s Irish after all. But as I’m at Celtic Studies and as we really want to fulfill the cliché, we celebrate it, kind of, anyway.

Kitschy and stereotype. Who cares? The photo's still great.

Declaredly, I think that pouring paint into a river and dyeing beer is not that… hell no! I’d rather go for these:

  1. Wear green. Kind of a must. And if it is only a t-shirt or earrings, but really, you should take a green marker with you to help those who don’t wear something green – make-up can count, too. *g*
  2. Bake something green. Besides, you can eat green which would be healthy, too. Mookychick recommended shamrock-shaped biscuits with green frosting, but food colouring can be added to almost everything except chocolate cake (white chocolate doesn’t count).
  3. Another thing for lunch could be coloured pasta in orange and green, together with normal one, to represent the Irish flag. Well, yes, I know that it is not orange but heraldic gold, but it looks like orange, go live with it, Leprechaun.
  4. Go to your local Irish pub. Most larger cities have one, Marburg not excluded (not as I could be found there tomorrow, it’s way too small and crowded and there’s a band playing, too. I’d really like to hear my own thoughts, thank you very much). It was obvious, right?
  5. Surprise, surprise!: Listen to Irish folk songs all day long. Yep, also newer compositions. Yep, also stuff from other countries than Ireland. You know, as long as there’s a fiddle in it… (goth, please don’t take me to serious!)
  6. Watch weird to silly videos on Youtube related to Ireland. My favourites are this one from Family Guy, Final Fantasy XI (I admit that I like Riverdance, kind of) and most of all this one (4:57, last sketch) from Smack the Pony.
  7. Look Irish. Well, there’s something in for nearly everyone if you go through this article from 1995.

Any thoughts?

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