Intermezzo: Lolita Checklist

When I was browsing my favourite blogs I stumbled upon Victoria Suzanne’s Lolita Checklist on Lolita Charm and found her challenge to write my own list quite interesting. First of all, I love lists, I always write them: For assignments, to-do-lists, for things I need and things I want, things that inspire me and birthday presents. Second, I thought about my own definition for Lolita or rather how I define myself as a Lolita. And after reading different of these checklists I thought I was able to take the challenge and here it is:

My Lolita Checklist

Loves her Teddy bear like Christopher Robin loves Pooh.

Could spend days in antique or thrift stores.

Adores children’s books.

Is an anglophile.

Has daydreams about wild rose gardens in old castle’s ruins.

Sings musical songs aloud on the platform at the railway station.

Dreams of dancing all night long in a great ballroom.

With prince charming.

Doesn’t need much make-up, only a little rouge and mascara, sometimes.

Sets her mind at rest during long walks in the countryside or along the river.

Dresses in elegant colours like grey, black and rosé rather than in neon.

Loves green.

Rather designs and sews her dresses than buying something that everybody has.

Calls a poupée account her own and tries to update daily. ^^

Tends to use SPF 50 in summer to keep her white skin unburned but gets burned nonetheless.

Loves moths (look and name!) but wouldn’t want to have them in her room for any worldly treasure.

Collects old books, fabrics, lace and stamps.

Dreams of having a successful band with stunning stage personalities and outfits.

Would love to own a manor house for Steampunk or Victoriana LARP or an adequate small hotel downtown.

Loves to lie on mellow moss in a forest watching the clouds go by and then get up with dry leaves entangled in her hair.

Would rather be Rose Red than Snow White.

Could take a bath in good tea (figuratively), in a clawfoot tub, of course.

Could spend days browsing Manufaktum.

Does crafts like embroidery, crochet, spinning and sewing.

Is practically never found without her sketchbook.

Is vain enough to check her look in nearly every shop-window – just like Mary Poppins.

Sees fairies, goblins and leprechauns everywhere.

Lives in a fairytale.


2 thoughts on “Intermezzo: Lolita Checklist

    1. Nice to have you here! It’s always a delight to me to inspire people.
      Thanks for reading my blog. :)

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