The Ugly Duckling – Dress

I finally finished one of my bigger projects during the last weeks: The Duck Dress (aka. the ugly duckling because it was so obvious).

It all began with this cute duck fabric, cotton, to be precisely. I happened to own the perfect shade of thread for it and so I started thinking of a sun-frock, something light to wear at the lakes in summer, something to take off easily without zippers or buttons, something like a blue sky, light and full of promises for a great day.

I used a pattern I had altered for my baroque / rococo inspired jacket (which I showed here ages ago, but maybe you remember…?), added a skirt, some ruffles and a sash and started to sew.

This is the result:

It turned out quite well if you ask me, cute, feminine yet maidenly, a little bit vintage, a little bit Rockabilly and even a wee bit Alice (just imagine a white apron worn over it ^^).

I’m eagerly waiting for warmer days now to take pictures of it when worn. Maybe it will be when Jules comes over for a visit at the end of the month…


Any thoughts?

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