My Secret Garden

Yesterday I got a carrier pigeon from Simon the Kobold with the question if I were familiar with plants.
I told him, yes, I were.
Now I’ve got a garden.

My own! Small, but precious.

It’s right upon the old city walls. The boys let me care for it as they are not very interested in gardening and didn’t even know what to sow there.

At the moment it’s still pretty overgrown with ivy, but there are two shrubs of black currant, a plum tree, peppermint and maybe even some wild strawberries. I can’t wait for the first blossoms to open!

Today, with a little help from Simon and Bertie who came over for a visit, I got rid of a lot of dead wood and even more ivy that choked the other plants. Well, there’s more than enough material for bonfires with bread-on-a-stick and gazing for the milky way now! We even slung the ivy twines to wreaths and hung them up to dry in the shed. Why waste something that you can burn later? The prettiest of these fairy crowns now rests on a window sill in Simon’s staircase (and I wonder how long…).

I also added a new one to the categories, Sally Gardens, which will be the one for all things concerning plants, flowers, gardening and the harvest moon, named after an Irish traditional that is loaded with memories for me.


6 thoughts on “My Secret Garden

  1. Oh, das klingt wundervoll! Gärten sind toll. Und ich bin schon auf eventuelle Bilder gespannt – und natürlich auch auf den Inhalt der neuen Kategorie.

    Liebe Grü0e,

  2. Now you`ve done it! I`m jealous!
    I have nothing here, no garden, no terarce, no balcony.

    But than again I have enough plants at work. More than I can eat …
    And there is the paradise garden at my parents realm.

    I`m looking forward to the pictures.

    1. I’m awfully happy that I’ve got this garden here. The only minus is that one of the boys has to be at home to let me in. Does this ease your jealousy? ;)

  3. Wow da kann man wirklich neidisch werden! Ich wünsch dir viel Freude mit dem Garten und bin schon gespannt was du dort alles anflanzen wirst. :)

    Und einen echt hübsches Blog hast du, so fein formuliertes Englisch, wirklich toll zum lesen….hier werd ich öfter mal vorbeischaun.
    Hab dich übrigends auch bei den NuSlern entdeckt ;D

    Liebe Grüße,

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