A Fan and a Book

Today I was quite busy getting my request for a second student ID (as I managed to lose the one for next semester somehow) ready and delivering the parcel for the hats-and-headdresses swap to the post office. I’m pretty pleased how the gift turned out this time, and I hope that the girl I made it for will find this, too.
I also set the structure for my paper at Celtic Studies as I met with my tutor, my next concern is whether I should write the paper in German or English. All my sources are in English, by the way, so quotes will be in English anyway. Hard decision.

At my way home when the sun shone down on my face and the air was warm enough to finally herald spring I stopped by at the asia shop to get some pickled ginger and a new fan, the latter mostly for the upcoming Steampunk events as well as for the summer. I’m quite sensitive to heat sometimes, and as Bambi has noticed long before (he brought his fans from his journeys to China), fans make really sophisticated accessories. Mine is made out of sandal-wood and smells grand when I’m fanning it.

Also, I couldn’t help but stumbling into the book shop across the street that I see every time when I look out of the window when I saw that they had a book about gardening, resembling 211 Things a Bright Girl Can Do by Bunty Cutler (my favourite how-to book ever) quite much in its writing style, containing some really amusing anecdotes and providing interesting and useful garden knowledge all in one.

I think I should do to bed now, but I won’t. ^^


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