Book Plates and Hats

Yes, very inspired and original, this title. ^^

It is Sunday forenoon, the sky is overcast with a shimmering cover of clouds and my right hand and especially the wrist hurts with every move. It seems that I overcharged it in the garden yesterday, the ache in the hand itself seems more like a muscle soreness, while the wrist shows the same problems as usual. Well, too much cut-down ivy, I guess. ^^ At least the compost heap is rearranged now and seems way less than before (and Simon and the Historian took great fun in jumping around in the other compost bin). My hands are quite rough when I return from the garden but I got me some hand lotion, sea buckthorn and pomegranate from our local wholefood shop that’s only two streets away. Goth, I love my home. :)

But now I’m sitting here with a cup of hot chocolate, waiting for a carrier pigeon (that will reach me in the afternoon, presumably) with the information of a train arriving to bring a certain scoundrel here – Scoundrel, for he stole my heart.

Some days ago, I received a small package from the wonderful Tilliel containing her splendid, perfect (no overstatement) Hats & Headdresses swap gift for me:

She considered my love for corduroy...

... as well as for small details.
The colours are perfect, toned down and kind of vintage.
And I simply adore the fact that she added bells. ^^

I already wore the cap on my visit to my grandparents, it perfectly fits my old cotton ex-sari shawl.

Sadly, the package that I gave to the post office didn’t arrive yet and by now I doubt that it will at all. :(
Tomorrow I’ll go shopping for the material that I lack for the substitute as I really don’t want to make an exact copy of the first hat (maybe it will arrive one day, and having two same hats would be somehow boring, wouldn’t it). I also have to get the materials for the Alice swap, with all the events going on in my personal life and the upcoming term I didn’t find any time for it yet! But I’m all an eager beaver for it, so this shouldn’t be a real problem.

What’s about the book plates in the title?, you may ask now. Well, I love book plates. As somebody who loves and collects books, it is sometimes quite difficult to get those back that I lend to somebody (my beloved rebound half linen copy of Discworld’s Maskerade is still lost somewhere in Hamburg, I think, and I’m quite angry about that). Book plates are a great opportunity to avoid that somewhat ugly inscriptions on the title page. The bookshop across the street was selling some last week, and I couldn’t resist:

I clearly prefer toned down classic motives here, too. And now I’ll go and mark my copy of Northanger Abbey as my own and nothing but my own, just to feast on avocado and corn crisps afterwards. Healthy and incredibly tasty. :)


2 thoughts on “Book Plates and Hats

  1. Das freut mich wirklich total :)

    Ich hoffe, dein Swapgeschenk landet doch noch irgendwie bei deinem Wichtelkind. Wäre ja schade, wenn die Mühe umsonst war und es nun ganz verlassen in irgendeiner Poststation liegt …

    Die Exlibris sind ja hübsch! Das wirklich mal eine praktische Anschaffung ^^

  2. Ja, nochmal ein ganz dickes Dankeschön! ^^
    Ich hoffe auch, dass es ganz, ganz vielleicht noch ankommt, weil ich das wahrscheinlich nieee wieder so schön hinkrieg, aber naja… Ich besorg zumindest schon mal Zeug zum “Nachwichteln”.

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