5 Favourite Words in April

  1. Quadrennial. Matching March’s anniversary, it is something that happens every four years.
  2. Circumference. In Evenlyn Waugh’s Decline and Fall there is a Lady Circumference. Weird person, weird name, but all of the book is kind of weird, after all.
  3. Verrucht.German for wicked, but that doesn’t really fit if you ask me as verrucht implies a hint of eroticism, long, heavy lashes, smoky boudoirs and silky lace…
  4. Cromwell. After all, names are words, too. I like the form of the word, the rolling hills and valleys of the mw combination and the embedded well.
  5. Glace. French for ice. I really should learn more french, some of the words are indeed nice (but I’d never call it the “most beautiful language of the world”. That’s silly, most languages have beautiful and ugly parts, and just beacause even quarreling sounds like a declaration of love in French doesn’t make the language perfect).

2 thoughts on “5 Favourite Words in April

  1. I love the word Glace. I actually have a location in one my stories called the Baroma Glace!

    One of my favorite words lately has been Fairfax. It means beautiful hair. I’ve also been rather enamoured with “splendid” and the lovely way it rolls off the tongue.

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