Contented Solitude

I really love these moments when I’m all by myself, without the urge to do something for university or the like. Right now, there is such a moment with Bambi and the Satyr being at the Celtic Studies tertulia/ regulars. I thought about going there, too, but I didn’t feel the need to do so.  After I returned from the garden with Teli and we stopped by at the supermarket I got me half a pineapple. That’s quite decadent for a student like me, but sometimes I just have to do something like it. It fits the thought of doing myself something good.

Most of the seminars from another faculty (Ethnology, to be more precisely) I wanted to attend don’t start until the end of April (and I don’t even know if I can attend them as a module and therefore if I can get any credits for them), so my “working week” was pretty much over when I left the Ireland during the Middle Ages course this evening.

The day tomorrow will be spent entirely (harhar) on the making of the re-swap gift for Hats & Headdresses and the start of the real stuff for the Alice in Wonderland– swap. Well, the problem is the usual: *zombieesk countenance* Need… more… YAAAAAARN! Embroidery, that is. I can’t tell too much, as always, but anyway I’ll show the results, I promise.

Admittedly, I’m pretty tired as I didn’t sleep too well during the last nights due to various nightmares and the bad habit of thinking things like “Well, I’m awake now and I’ve got to get up in about forty minutes anyway and falling asleep again would make getting finally out of the bed even more frustrating and insufferable!”. Well, thank you very much, common sense and logical reasoning. Anyway.

Good night unto you all.


Any thoughts?

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