A Mad Hatter’s Work

Finally, the note-book is working again. And as my swap parcels have arrived at their destinations as well I may present what I made for the Hats & Headdresses and Alice in Wonderland theme.

Hats & Headdresses

For Cuore.Lacrimante who wished for something a little morbid in black and purple.

Materials: Black felt, purple embroidery yarn, purple trim, white polymer clay, black feathers, black dot tulle.
Swap Card

Alice in Wonderland

This one went all the way north to anti.mensch who likes to see the mad hatter as the key figure of the (filmed *cough* ;) ) story.

Price Tag
Materials: Green & black felt, black trim, white polymer clay, acrylics, old keys, cogwheels, white rocailles, black and white embroidery floss, white organza, black dot tulle.

Well, that’s it for now as I’ve got an x-ray date tomorrow and should definitely sleep more. ^^


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