Of Coffins, Hair and Unicorns

Now that it’s nearly two weeks since I’ve been there I should tell you of my visit to the Museum for Sepulchral Culture and the Ottoneum (Kassel’s Nature History Museum) with the Historian (the former with Daenerys, too), before I forget to.
The original purpose of our visits to Kassel was the mummy exhibition that took place in both of the locations. The Historian and I each got a double ticket so that we could return for the second part at the following weekend. Daenerys only came along to the sepulchral part as she had to prepare for a presentation for her Egyptology class.
I can’t show you any photos of the mummies as taking pictures was forbidden (a fact that I understand perfectly). My favourite exhibits were the South American (Peruvian, I think) woman’s mummy with fantastically braided hair and
the dry mummies of several animals (the ferret, cat and rat looked rather creepy).
Natural History Museum - Catfish Skull

The feather-like appearance of the bones surprised me, I must confess. Looks a little bit like a fantasy or extraterrestrial creature, doesn’t it?

Museum for Sepulchral Culture - Skull Pipe made of sepiolite
NHM - "Rock Mass Cupboard" describing different layers of a mountain range
NHM - The "wooden library"

The wooden library contains over 200 of these made-of-wood documentaries of different plants, all by the same person during the 18th century who wasn’t even a studied man. This one is crab apple, by the way.

MSC - Catafalque from Marburg
MSC - Painted Skulls

I really can’t say why but I find skulls without jaws way more fascinating… Maybe ’cause they look more like a Jolly Roger.

MSC - Coffins of the landgrave family
MSC - Corpse Brotherhood drum and banner

The banner is most skillfully painted and I especially liked the unicorn that decorates the drum.

NHM - Narwhal teeth

Speaking of unicorns, I was very impressed by the narwhal teeth (often mistaken for unicorn horn in the days of yore). Well, maybe, if you leave the scientist things out, narwhals are just unicorns in disguise…

MSC - Mourning attire, made of human hair
MSC - Mourning attire, made of human hair, again

Aren’t these beautiful? The first one even carries a little compass and I think attire like this would look great on any steampunk outfit, but I doubt that I would wear one of them without the emotional part behind, at least not of human hair.

NHM - musk ox

Last but not least my favourite exhibit from the Natural History Museum. Nearly extinct the musk ox is one of the most impressive creatures that I’ve seen yet as they are this small, but full of power (you wouldn’t want to stand in one’s way, trust me).


Any thoughts?

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