5 Favourite Words in May

  1. Perestroika. I guess my fascination for this word began with the song Tere Perestroika by J.M.K.E. from Estonia. Not only is the word very beautiful in its caption/ spelling but also in meaning. And Goth!, the mohawk of the singer is awesome!
  2. Sphagnum. Moss growing in bogs. Fairytale beds. Gnome woods.
  3. Conundrum. A song by Jethro Tull, an episode of Star Trek: TNG (did I ever mention that I am a trekkie?) and a nice word for riddles.
  4. Thalassoma. I stumbled over this word while doing my homeworks for Historical Linguistics as an example for haplologies. It contains the Greece words for “sea” and “body”, meaning something like “mermaid” and is the name of a certain sort of fish.
  5. Flimmern. German, meaning “to scintillate” (a very nice word, too). I like the feeling of the word, warm and a little weird to the eye, like sun on a reddish brown stone that lies in a well…

Any thoughts?

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