Of Plants and Martial Arts

Judo uniforms are really difficult to darn. The story is that Kajal (one of Bambi’s rabbits, just for the case I did not mention her before) nibbled on his jacket, an action that ended with a quite big hole right between the scapulae. I offered him to mend it and so I spent a good part of my mid day break repairing that thick, heavy cotton fabric. Also, darning gets trickier with the size of the hole you’ve got to patch…

I am planning a patch featuring a stag’s head embroidery (little bit pagan, maybe) for Bambi’s uniform to cover the darning. Thank goth the trainer is not too strict about their uniforms…

To stick with the martial arts I may proudly tell you that I successfully passed my first Canne de Combat lesson yesterday, too. French cane fencing is a pretty workout for the thighs, I dare say, and once you’ve mastered the first steps it can be very dynamic and elegant, too.

Also, Teli is going to visit me in the garden again to be given some of the pots I don’t need anymore. Well, she’s got a garden of her own now that seems to grow quite well! I for myself have to go to the market this weekend to look for some pumpkin plants and nasturtium for the lookout point on the city walls.

So much for this moment, but now I’ve got to go. Bye then.


Any thoughts?

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