Treasure Hunt Outfit – Jules

Yes, again a post about the weekend Jules spent here.

But the outfits and the photos we took of them were too great to keep them back from you. I’ll do one for Jules and one for me each for the sake of clarity.

Jules wore a dandy outfit featuring self-made trousers with suspenders, a military-safari-inspired shirt, an old fashioned cravat, a lace jabot and glittery flower-print trainers. Oh, and loads of decor.

Doesn't he look dashing? ^^

The following pictures were taken during the picnic and the following Canne de Combat training (you remember that we took Jules along? He liked it enough to continue after lunch).

... I'm responsible for this haircut... :)

Jules and the Scoundrel... just imagine they're taking a walk in the park of a huge country house.
As if he just jumped out of a Jane Austen novel...


Any thoughts?

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