Great Expectations

No, not the book. This weekend somebody who is really special to me will come to visit me. It’s my pen friend Lilibeth. This is by the way the beautiful last letter that she wrote to me plus a wonderful gift she sent me:

It will be the first time that we meet each other in person.

We had a nice (and long!) phone conversation some weeks ago and I think she is truly a kindred spirit. ^^ Our correspondence so far has been a very pleasant one since we met at the Natron & Soda bulletin board via the Lolita thread last year.

She’ll arrive here at about 8 PM on Friday and will stay during the weekend at which I’ll show her my favourite places here in Marburg. We will be a little creative, too, but just like her I don’t want to spoil you with information and rather show you the results.

Maybe I’ll finally get the chance to wear my Ugly Duckling dress! Reminds me of the fact that I lack matching accessories…

I am pretty excited and got to admit that I’m a little bit nervous, too. Maybe Lilibeth is the bosom friend I’ve waited for my entire life… Yes, our relationship is pretty affected by Anne of Green Gables (we’re planning to watch the mini series together, as well ^^).

And now I’ll go and bake a cake for the role-playing evening we’ll have today. Be prepared for some more nerdy character stuff tomorrow! :)


3 thoughts on “Great Expectations

  1. This weekend will be splendid anyway, but the Anne of Green Gables series will be the “cherry on the cake”.

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