Tanwen and Roses

Just one night until Lilibeth’s visit! I’m pretty much excited and the weather is said to be going to be good, so it will be splendid to take walks and show her the city.

As I told you before we started a new The Dark Eye RPG adventure yesterday. We are a group of six heroes with the Satyr as our game master. Starting in the city of Angbar (pretty inspired by German Augsburg) the group consists of horasian roofer-with-special-interests-in-reallocation-of-properties Titus Brigonetti, played by Bambi, garethian rapier and poison specialised assassin Liskaju Fuxfell who’s the alter ego of our newbie Luna, Simon’s (he’s also entirely new to the system) mathematically gifted thief Thoma Mueller who is incognito as an accountant, the Elfin as Ysilt von den Weiden, beauty- and powerful witch of the circle of the Seeresses of Today and Tomorrow and her raven familiar, horasian charming equilibrist-from-a-good-family Giavan Karisia, character of the Scoundrel, with his well-mannered dog Claudio and finally my character Tanwen Finnsdaughter Nendrum, priestess of Tsa, the everyoung goddess.

Tsa is the goddess of life and everlasting change, of birth (and rebirth), learning-by-doing, the fairy folk, children, beginnings and creation. Her signs are a lizard biting its own tail (for the circle of life), eggs, rainbows and dawn. I chose her for the challenge of playing a character who is bound to hurt nobody, especially not with weapons of any kind, as someone who is open-minded and always eager to try new things (especially crafts).

Tanwen Finnsdaughter Nendrum, uncoloured

Tanwen was born as the only daughter of Ynlais Nendrum, a witch of the circle of the Beauties of the Night and Finn Phileasson, a thorwalian (kind of a viking) bard in Havena, capital of the Principality of Albernia where witchcraft and magic are strictly forbidden – the reason why Ynlais left for good when her daughter was four years old, leaving her with her father to sail to Thorwal where she lived until she was thirteen.
She returned to Albernia and met her mother once again who sensed the gift of magic in her, just to send her to a monastery of Tsa to hide it. Tanwen herself never noticed these abilities but grew into the community of debonair goddess-winsome crafters, artisans, adventurers, healers, midwives and (most of them being all of it) clerics. She mainly concentrated on her talent of goldsmithing and precision mechanics as well as cooking, sewing, everything concerning instruments and singing, souls and acrobatics (uhm, well, it may seem a lot but it isn’t for a priest of Tsa). She’s a little bit spleenish and may appear like a child sometimes, but she feels no need to show off her skills as a soul-healing, well-educated cleric when there are robins or sparrows to watch.
Her most reliable companion is a little wooden toy mocking a sea serpent that an old carver from her fathers Ottajasko (a kind of tribe) made for her when she was a child. One of the rare things to make her angry are stagnancy and lethargy as well as unjust behaviour (or what she sees as such). By the way she’s a synesthete smelling, seeing and hearing colours.

At midnight the Scoundrel left as he was bound to catch his train to Kassel as he went to a rock festival pretty early today. It’s only four and a half day but I’ve got to admit that I miss him. While he is gone I’m taking care of his tree (Steve II’s like a pet with photosynthesis) and he brought me a single rosebud that slowly opens its petals. I think it will be in full bloom when he returns.

Plus, my gloves, shin pads and gumshield for Savate finally arrived but this is something I’ll tell you another day. I’m pretty tired and tomorrow morning there’s a call at the doctor’s waiting for me. And, of course, a day of waiting for Lilibeth.


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