10 Pleasures in June

Before I’m going to lavish you with pictures and stories about the past weekend, here are my ten pleasures in June (containing way more water than usual):

Picture taken by Lilibeth
  1. Mischief Brew. I found this Philadelphia centered “Carnivalesc Punk Rock” (I’d like to add “folk”, too) band via Last.fm and I really, really like them. My favourite songs are Gates of Hell and Nomads Revolt.
  2. Glow in the dark Stars over my bed. I used to have them when I was little, but I’m building a firmament again. At the moment it consists of five stars and the glowing mouse (or is it a rat?) I bought some moths ago. ^^
  3. A cold shower right after training. Just when you’re heated and all covered in sweat, it is not only healthier to go showering instead of walking home as you are. I truly learned to appreciate the cool rinse on my skin that is provided by the showers in the institute after the Savate training (especially after our trainer wore us down like he did last time…).
  4. Spinning on ideas for photo shootings. It’s a thing that I mostly do with Jules from time to time. At the moment we’re planning a fairy tale theme with Snow White, Snow White and Rose Red, Little Red Riding Hood and some more. Oh, and that Dandy shooting I want to do since like ever.
  5. The Water Music by G.F. Handel. I got the CD from my father when I was ten. I love the thought of floating down a river, dressed in lavish robes, my boat decorated with flowers while an orchestra is playing for me on a ship nearby…
  6. Crosspatch Crow, my new fashion and lifestyle blog. It’s a space to post all the silly things about style, street art and shopping sprees that don’t belong here.
  7. Markets. All the fresh fruit, the parleying with the market folk, flowers and stall wagons produce a picture of times past with jolly mothers in circle shirts and aprons with their red-cheeked children, just like in an Enid Blyton book.
  8. Feet under water, especially now that it is that hot outside. Just fifteen minutes down the stream there’s a really nice place to sit and read a good book (for me it’s Pride and Prejudice at the moment which the historian kindly lend to me).
  9. Rye Bread. Just the smell…!
  10. Laura Ashley. Her wonderful flower patterns are bewitching me since I first saw them in a book about British culture. Maybe someday I’ll be able to get one of her dresses…

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