Daisychains and Petticoats

A week has passed now since Lilibeth had been here for a visit so I think it’s pretty much time to write about it.

My dear guest arrived on Friday afternoon and soon vanished for a couple of hours again to visit another friend of hers who lives in Marburg, too. In the evening we watched Stardust (I love Captain Shakespeare! And it’s such a wonderful film!) after a typical spaghetti-con-pesto student dinner. Before we started the movie, Lilibeth taught me nålebinding (aka. knotless netting), an ancient needlework that she’s been doing for a while, matching her reenactment hobby. She also left a ball of great yellow-orange, fiery wool with me to practise, but it’s been to hot during the last week to touch wool, anyway (plus, I’ve got to whittle a needle for myself yet, too).

On Saturday I showed her my favourite places in my city of stairs, and this is the point where I’m going to show you pictures instead of showering you with text (but, of course, with several notes). As I’ve got PS since last weekend, too, I tried to let the pictures look like illustrations from an older children’s book or older photographs like the ones of my mother and her brother that my grandmother keeps in her boudoir.

This was my outfit for saturday, featuring my Ugly Duckling dress, some lace, Danish Duckfeet shoes and a petticoat, necklace and parasol Lilibeth kindly lend to me.

Lilibeth’s outfit contained a self-made skirt and lace collar, an Emilie Autumn t-shirt, brown leather heels and my brass-coloured birdcage necklace as it matched too well! She bought some black tea flavoured bonbons at the tea store that were really refreshing on our way up to the higher parts of the town.

We went for ice cream at the best parlour in town and then headed for the castle garden to pick some flowers and make daisy chains.

Lilibeth with her daisy chain crown
Another close shot, I couldn't decide which picture to use.
My daisy chain

The chains ended up as street art, mine on a lantern, Lilibeth’s on the wall of the Historian’s house.

The institute for Religious Studies, again ^^

We had lovely shoots at the park and at the institute, so here are some impressions.

Sadly, there are more pictures of me than of Lilibeth. Oh, those hobby photographers... :)

I've got to admit that I really, really like this one...

Well, the evening came we went to the park and took the laptop with us to watch Anne of Green Gables. We only got through part one, but I’ll the second one with me on my visit at her house next month.

I’ll show you the pictures of Sunday tomorrow, I think that’s enough pictures for one day. ^^


4 thoughts on “Daisychains and Petticoats

  1. Awww … as written in Lilibeth’s blog before: you both looked so gorgeous! Sounds like a great weekend.
    What’s the name of that lovely font you used on the first picture?

    1. Thank you so very much!
      The font’s called Shrewsbury, I think I got it via myfont or something like that, it’s free, after all.

  2. I like the way you edited the images.
    Luckily the breeze was only stiff enough to blow up our skirts like giant petticoats (and NOT the Marylin Monroe Style).
    Oh the pictures just recall the warm and happy feelings I associate with this weekend. I wish I could have stayed for longer. It is really good to know that we’ll meet again soon!

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