Farina and Riversides

As I didn’t tell you yet about the Sunday of Lilibeth’s visit, here it comes: Part II.

It was really hot outside, so after a nice breakfast in my room we decided to go to the river Lahn where I wanted to show Lilibeth some of my favourite places, anyway. There’s a wooden way leading over sandstone fragments near a meadow to enchanted places down at the river, where the tides play with the boulders and stones accompanied by the noise of the nearby weir.

I’m a kind of tomboy, I fear, so it was not avoidable for me to take off my shoes and wade into the river to collect stones and shells and feel the flow while my toes entangled in the hydrophyte grass under my feet.

Lilibeth stayed on save land and kindly took some photos. ^^

Oh, and yes, the hem of my skirt got wet. What a surprise. ;)

On our way back I collected some elder blossoms and got myself covered in farina all over but what’s this small sacrifice for good tea?

Well, soon after that (but not before I’d made a lasagna for lunch) Lilibeth left, not without the promise that I would return the visit next month. I’m really looking forward to it!


2 thoughts on “Farina and Riversides

  1. *laughing* you’re evidently not a tomboy but an elegant young lady with a huge amount of adventurous potential. And I’m a big sissy if it concerns my feet.
    You’d really need to give me that receipt for the lasagne you made on Sunday.
    And I really like your new header!

    1. Thank you so much!
      As for the recipe for the lasagna I’ll send it to you with my next letter (which will be written next week due to the field trip).

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