99 Questions. No Reason. Loads of Fun.

1. Your name? The Hedgefairy.

2. When is your birthday? September.

3. Where were you born? Frankfurt/ Hesse.

4. Where are you now? In my lovely chambers in Marburg.

5. What are you wearing right now? Black bootcut jeans, brown climbing tank top, grey thick sports socks, pastel-and-red River Woods check shirt, a Scoundrel’s silver ring on a leather ribbon and leather supply belt.

6. Your most beautiful moment so far? Something like 4 AM, 2nd of April, 2010, and ever since.

7. What are you reading at the moment? Pride and Prejudice.

8. Have you got a favourite film? Big Fish.

9. Action or romantic movie? Romantic, I guess.

10. What is your favourite song? The Mummer’s Dance by Loreena McKennitt.

11. What are you hearing now? Beauty of the Beast by Nightwish

12. Are you in love at the moment? Yes.

13. The 3 most important things in your life? My friends, my family, my creativity.

14. What is home to you? Marburg, Aschaffenburg and Frankfurt/ Germany and always there where my heart is.

15. Which languages do you speak? German, English, Latin (badly), Irish, Sengoidelc (old Irish – still learning).

16. Your favourite drink? Ginger ale.

17. Your favourite food? Cheese!

18. Your favourite country? The British isles.

19. What is your favourite pasttime? Being creative and martial arts.

20. CQ or Yahoo! ? Yahoo.

21. What have you been doing last night? Reading until I fell asleep.

22. Summer or winter? Mostly autumn.

23. Windows or Linux or Mac? Windows.

24. What would be the name of your son? Liam or Basil.

25. … and your daugter’s? Lovis or Gwendolyn.

26. What is your favourite colour? Green and red.

27. When was your last vacation? Where? Summer 2006, Scotland. Or alternative: Study excursion, September 2008, Tuscany.

28. Your graduation? Art specialised A-levels.

29. Best age so far? 20?

30. A worldly wisdom? Cheese is one of the primal supporting pillars of the western society.

31. 3 things for the island? The scoundrel, a knive and cheese.

32. 3 things for a good life? A rocking chair, friends and family and a job that I can live by and that I like.

33. Future wishes? Working as a celticist and illustrator or make a living out of my creativity.

34. What would you need for a perfect vacation? My friends, an old house by the sea, some mountains for climbing and really, really good food and books.

35. Money or love? Both, but love a little more.

36. Your hair colour? Henna red, naturally dark blonde.

37. Your eye colour? Mossy green amber mixed with honey.

38. Do you have a nickname? What is it? Otter, Wild Rose (Scoundrel exclusive ;)).

39. Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter? Harry Potter when it wasn’t totally screwed yet, but LotR, also.

40. Continue as you like: “Lost in…”: “Wonderland”

41. First word you think of beginning with “S”! Sea.

42. Favourite web site? Natron & Soda.

43. Film or book? Book.

44. Favourite school subject? Arts.

45. Have you been to university? I am, at the moment.

46. If yes: Where? What? For how long? Marburg University, Celtic Studies, for two semesters so far.

47. How much time do you spend in the interwebs per week? For hours.

48. Have you got the light on at the moment? Yes.

49. What time is it? Three minutes after 10 PM.

50. Favourite activity at the PC? Writing and surfing.

51. How do you vote? Not telling, sorry.

52. Are you satisfied with the government? It would be great it Mad Capt’n Tom was the prime minister of Great Britain.

53. Are you reading the newspaper? No, sadly.

54. Interested in positics? Not really, I’ve got to confess. Not anymore.

55. Interested in parties? Sometimes.

56. How did you spend your last weekend? With martial arts training, relaxing at the riverbanks with my friends, finding a new name for my band and reading.

57. Smoking? Definitely no, for ever.

58. Have you got a mobile? Yes.

59. How’s the weather? Blue skies with some small clouds, not too hot and it’s getting chilly tonight, I think.

60. Are you part of a club or association? Does Savate and Canne at university sports count?

61. Have you ever been to a hospital? Only for visits.

62. When was your last phone conversation? Some minutes ago when I called my mother for the weekly update. ^^

63. When did you write your last E-mail? This afternoon, concerning the Marburg dragon boat race.

64. Have you got a brother? Name? Kind of, if Bambi counts.

65. Have you got a sister? Name? No. I’m an only child, in fact.

66. Who’s the older one? Father or mother? Father.

67. Drinking? If yes, how often? Hardly.

68. Are wonders real? Sure.

69. Are gosts real? Definitely!

70. The meaning of life (in your opinion)? Being happy without harming anyone due to that.

71. How are you feeling at the moment? Very good, thank you.

72. What’s your opinion about the recent TV programme? We don’t have a TV.

73. Talkshows or court drama? None.

74. Have you got a role model? Several. Loreena McKennitt in singing, one of my university elders in academical matters, different illustrators in arts.

75. Munich or Berlin? Berlin!

76. Continue: “In Munich…”. What a stupid question, I’ve never been there!

77. Would you like to migrate to another country? One of the British Isles would be nice…

78. What makes a man wealthy? Being loved and happy.

79. What does nature mean to you? It’s great. It always helps me to calm down and get new energy at the same time.

80. Your dreams? Are vivid and sometimes irritating.

81. Your favourite car? Vintage with loads of packing space.

82. Where did you grow up? Woods, a puppet theatre and in books.

83. How tall are you? 159.5 cm.

84. What’s better, work or school? Hard decision. Depends on work and school.

85. Land of birth? Germany.

86. Drawing or singing? Both. ^^

87. What is extraordinary to you? Thoughts outside the patterns.

88. What are you addicted to? Honestly? Books. Oh, and cheese.

89. Have you got any hobbies? Which? Sure! Music, sewing, arts, reading, books, writing, cooking, singing, history, languages, dancing and sports, especially martial arts.

90. What was your last meal? Uhm… Toffifee, I guess. Or pasta con pesto for lunch.

91. Your last film in the theatre? Sherlock Holmes.

92. How would you describe yourself in one sentence? “I’m a thoughtful bundle of energy, often mistaken for an otter, presumeably with fair folk blood, always inspired and inspiring and I love books and cheese.”

93. Are you naïve? Sometimes, I fear, but seldom.

94. The best age group is…? Every age has it’s pros.

95. Lucky number? 19.

96. Inside or outside? Depends.

97. Do you prefer the coutryside or the city? I’ve tried both and I liked both.

98. What is the most important thing for you in this world? Doing what feels right.

99. Your opinion of the last 98 questions? Unnecessary, but somewhat fun to answer.

I thereby challenge my readers to answer these questions in their blogs, too. If you do so, please link back to your list in the comments!


Any thoughts?

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