Poupée and a Field Trip

For a certain time now I’ve collected the outfits of my poupée girl that I quite liked. Nothing special, I know, more like an archive for myself, but as I spoke of the pictures I can show them here, as well.

Deco Punk (rather not)? I don’t know, but I like it. ^^

Golly, I wish I had this dress in my real closet…

My last outfit, I just came home from savate training and wanted it to show (mind the fingerless gloves that are supposed to go under the boxing gloves, the wide pants, the trainers and the t-shirt).

A “rainy day” outfit. I think I need one of these in real to cuddle up with a good book and some nice, hot tea in my old armchair when the typical Marburg weather strikes again.

As for the field trip, I’m going on an Celtic Studies excursion tomorrow, so I won’t have any chance to write something here. On our way home we will come across my old home town, Aschaffenburg, and I think the whole journey will be splendid. I’m taking the Diaries of Samuel Pepys with me to read on the long train ride (it’s about six hours) and maybe some of my embroidery equipment. I’ll tell you all of it next week when I’m back.

Till then I’ll stay
– Truly yours –
The Hedgefairy.


Any thoughts?

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